JADClassFileNode is Open Tool for JBuilder that provides integration of JBuilder with Jad. Jad is the best Java decompiler written by Pavel Kouznetsov - you may find it here. The current version of JADClassFileNode is 1.22, and it supports the last version of Jad 1.5.8. This open tool replaces standard decompiler built-in JBuilder. Instead of seeing the method signatures only, you'll get source code. JADClassFileNode supports decompiling of both files stored in Jar or separately. Of course, it allows fully customize Jad options!

Major Features

  • Tight integration with JBuilder
  • Support of all options that may be customized in JA
  • Correct decompilation of inner classes if ones are stored within Jar
  • Ability to decompile files located both in JAR's an separately


To install JADClassFileNode please unpack archive you've downloaded and copy JADClassFileNode.jar to your lib/ext directory under your JBuilder installation.

By default, JADClassFileNode is disabled. To enable it, you need open IDE Options dialog and select IDE Options | JAD property page. After this, you need to enable appropriate checkbox and accept license.

Please note that you need to download JAD from it's original location - After downloading JAD, please specify its location using IDE Options | JAD | General | Browse button.

JADClassFileNode replaces JBuilder built-in class decompiler. To see sources decompiled by JAD, you just need open the file.

JADClassFileNode allows you tune output provided by JAD very precisely. It supports all options that may be customized in JAD. You may find these options on IDE Options | JAD property page.

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