This page contains history of JSONER vesions along with brief description of each version changes.

1.024 (June 06, 2007)

  • Client side JavaScript object persistent JSON-like protocol added
  • JSONER functionality improved.
  • Undo Manager example to demonstrate client side persistent features added.
  • An example included undoable Drag and Drop functionality and undoable HTML form functionality.
  • Google Maps Trip example to demonstrate JavaScript object persistent features added
  • Updatable Action Manager to demonstrate loosely coupled action-based architecture added

1.023 (May 15, 2007)

  • Added insert node in position functionality;
  • Adds getDifference() method.
  • Functionality improved;

1.022 (April 24, 2007)

  • Cross-link notification event added;
  • Cross-links resolver added;
  • isMute() - the method which defines whether property should be excluded from traversing;
  • JSONER allows to represents any kind of JavaScript objects as JSON.

1.021 (March 05, 2007)

  • JsonTools renamed to JsonFlex.
  • JsonFlex tested by JsLint.
  • Functionality improved.

1.020 (February 19, 2007)

Data lookup solution added.

  • Finds all the elements, which corresponds the given conditions.
  • Finds the first element by given conditions.
  • Finds the last element by given conditions.
  • Finds the number of elements, which corresponds the given conditions.
  • Checks if there are elements which corresponds the given conditions.

Data binding functionality added.

  • Collects all nodes attribute.
  • Collects all node children.
  • Gets the first child of the node.
  • Gets the last child of the node.
  • Adds child to node.
  • Removes children.
  • Removes a child.
1.01 (Janury 15, 2007)

  • First publicly available version. Logo   Support This Project